When: Sept. 18, 2022 - 1:00 pm

Where: Regular meeting place: NTI, 709 S. Old Missouri Rd., Springdale, AR)

Program: Annual Orchid Auction!!


**September 18,2022**, 1:00 pm – our annual auction! The auction is this Sunday, September 18, at our usual meeting place at
NWTI in Springdale, but starts at 1 pm (half an hour earlier than our
regular meetings), with the auction preview starting at noon. It will
end at 3:30 pm, whether all plants are sold or not, with one break in the middle.
Our annual auction is this Sunday (please note - preview at noon, auction at 1 pm), and we're getting the donations sorted out. We unpacked another box of plants last night and there's some good stuff! A list of plants with information will show up in your email soon, so you'll have time to look things up and make decisions. We need your help making that list accurate and useful.

First, as always, please make sure all donation plants have been
carefully inspected so they're pest-free and healthy, and groomed of
dead leaves and spent blooms, etc.; groomed plants bring more. We'd
encourage you to repot any plants whose medium is obviously in bad shape - if it's won by a novice grower they might not realize they need to
repot right away, or might not know how. We'd also encourage you to make a new tag if the one in the pot is worn, brittle, or hard to read.
Basically just the things you'd want others to do when giving you a plant!

Then please, please send us how many plants you're donating and the
names. We won't refuse last-minute donations, and we'll happily auction
them. But we need some lead time to find pictures, print the auction
cards and update the list and get it out to everyone. That helps people
plan, saves us time on Sunday, and helps the auction go more smoothly.
You can email me, Cathy, or Lois.

**October 16 ,2022**, our usual meeting place at NWTI (709 S. Old Missouri Rd., Springdale). Program TBA.

If you are a dues-paying member you will recieve an email with an invitation to the virtual meetings each month. If you do not, please let Steve know!

We hope lots of you will attend our next virtual meeting, because we want to discuss upcoming programs.





2022 Meetings: With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s hard to make any plans for in-person meetings. The responsible thing for OSO to do is to not try to hold any face-to-face events until it’s safe. We will keep you updated on virtual meetings as we learn more about the omicron surge. Hopefully, by our OSO 11th Annual “Orchids in the Garden” Show & Sale we will be back to meeting in person again!

All of our memebers are encouraged to like the OSO Facebook page and to post your orchid pictures and comments there. It’s not the same as a normal meeting, but we can still share our love of orchids and show off our blooming plants. We will miss those members who aren’t able to use those facilities, but … it’s really about all we have right now!

New OSO Facebook Group
We’ve added an OSO Group on Facebook along with the OSO page we already had. If you liked the page, we encourage you to join the group – it will be easier for you to post pictures of your plant, questions, etc. there. Search Groups for “Orchid Society of the Ozarks”, or use this link:

2022 - 2023
President – Cathy Marak
Vice-president – Tim Kral
Treasurer – Lois Geren
Secretary – Suzanne Miller
Board members: Paul Bowen, Bradley Martin (elected), Trudy Pickett (Past President), Steve Marak (Newsletter Editor)

For people interested in becoming members of the OSO, please feel free to contact Trudy Pickett, our Membership Committee Chair. You can reach her at: email

See you all at the meeting! Come early and if you have the chance, bring a guest! See you there!


The Orchid Society of the Ozarks is an active group of orchid enthusiasts in Northwest Arkansas. We meet monthly, usually the third Sunday afternoon, to share information and blooming orchids with each other. Most months we have around 30 orchids which members enter into an informal judging. A “Plant of the Month” winner is chosen. Winners accrue points and prizes are awarded at the end of the year.

Our society is an affiliate member of the Mid-America Orchid Congress, the Southwest Regional Orchid Growers Association and the American Orchid Society. We are also a sponsor of the North American Conservation Center (NAOCC), and are a sponsor of one of the orchid-gami orchids, the Large Whorled Pogonia, Isotria verticillata. We were happy to sponsor this orchid as it is a native orchid found in Arkansas.

We have speakers for most meetings with a selection of those coming from a group of nationally known orchid experts. Speaking topics range from orchid culture and best practices to current breeding trends. Most speakers bring plants to sell and many offer discounts for members that pre-order. Some speakers in the last couple of years are: Glen Decker of Piping Rocks Orchids; Alan Koch of Gold Country Orchids; Nathan Bell of College of the Ozarks; Blanche Wagner of Missouri Botanical Garden, Fred Clark of Sunset Valley Orchids.

We have a monthly plant raffle at meetings where members can acquire plants. One of our main fundraisers is our auction in September with lively bidding on orchids donated from members and vendors. Our second fundraiser is our show and sale Orchids in the Garden held the first weekend in March at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.

Photos in this slide show were provided by Steve Marak

The Orchid Society of the Ozarks is an Arkansas not for profit corporation.