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**Meet the OSO Webmaster!**

Bruce Brown comes to the Orchid Society of the Ozarks via Virginia, and originally, Texas. He has been growing orchids for over sixteen+ years and co-owns and operates River Valley Orchidworks – OrchidTalk Orchid Forum. . Having received his MFA in Theatre Design & Technology, he accepted a position at the University of the Ozarks as a college professor.  In 2007 he published his first book on orchids, ORCHIDS THROUGH OUR EYES.  It is a combo orchid photography & cultivation care book created in part by generous submissions from his friends at OrchidTalk.  His hobbies include travel, art, design, and photography! He and his partner, Louis Aszod, own and operate RVO’s OrchidTalk forum hosted from central Arkansas where they also have a hobby greenhouse! Bruce and Louis have been OSO members since 2004, and we are very glad to have them!