Annual Auction


In the month of September, Orchid Society of the Ozarks members and a multitude of guests gather to participate in our Annual Orchid Auction. What an event! Some truly gorgeous plants and useful supplies are donated by members and businesses, all of which are sold at very reasonable prices. Members look forward to the Auction as a way of not only acquiring plants to which they may never have been exposed, but as a way of showing their gratitude for the Society's work by their generous contributions. Most bids open at $5.00, and some quickly jump as specimen plants are brought forward to the auction line.

Lifelong orchid grower and longtime OSO member, the late, Dr. John Kramer performed the honor of serving as Auctioneer, trading off with Tom Larkin when the action becomes hectic enough to warrant a quick glass of water! Currently Tom works with Bruce Brown, OSO Webmaster during the auction to keep the plants moving. The OSO President and OSO Treasurer record sales, scribbling frantically to keep up with the final bids, while the OSO Vice-President usually races from podium to audience and back again, delivering plants! All of the auction attendees come away delighted with their purchases and, exhausted but pleased at the close of day, return to their cars with arms full and faces lit.

We want to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all of our members and those supporting vendors who regularly donate items to sell. The Annual Auction is our primary means of raising money to support the Society's functions throughout the year, and with many exciting events coming up, we want to be sure we can provide the best possible experiences to the orchid-growing community. If you support our efforts and would like to help us out, come ahead and join the Orchid Society of the Ozarks!