OSO Organization


The Orchid Society of the Ozarks came into existence with the Organizational Meeting of April 28, 1996. Ten local orchid growers met in Rogers, Arkansas at the home of Tom and Barbara Larkin with the purpose of forming the group, and, over time, a set of By-laws under which the Society currently operates were drafted and set into place. The following persons were present at that groundbreaking meeting:

Dr. Arthur Evans, John Fugedy, Sandy Henage, Pauline Keegan, Marion & Bob Landwehr, Tom & Barbara Larkin, Marie Lawrence, and Paula Marinoni.

Since then, the Northwest Arkansas based Society's membership has grown considerably, and we are grateful to the Northwest Technical Institute in Springdale, AR for furnishing us with ample space in which to gather. Our membership now consists of over 100 individuals and businesses, several of which are commercial orchid growers.


No organization or group that strives to further and expand a scope of knowledge can exist for long as an island unto itself.

Our focus and object:

  • To stimulate interest in orchids and their culture as a non-profit, educational organization.
  • To bring together those who are interested in the care and culture of orchids so that everyone may benefit from the knowledge and experience of others.
  • To provide an environment where orchid growers of all levels may develop and hone their orchidology skills.

  • These aims can best be accomplished by both assimilating and contributing to those repositories of knowledge maintained by other topical groups. To that end, the Orchid Society of the Ozarks is actively affiliated with, supports, and participates in the functions of the following National and Regional Organizations:

  • The American Orchid Society................................... Nov. 1996
  • The Orchid Digest Corporation..................................Mar. 1997
  • The SW Regional Orchid Growers Association........Oct. 1997
  • The Mid-America Orchid Congress............................May 1998
  • The Ozark Natural Science Center.............................May 1998
  • The Society supports these organizations, missions, and projects with financial contributions, and, in addition, sponsors subscriptions to some of the national publications for the University of Arkansas' Biology Department and the Ozark Natural Science Center.

    ***The object of the Orchid Society of Ozarks shall be to bring together those who are interested in the care and culture of orchids so that experience and knowledge may be shared to the benefit of all. The society will provide an environment for all orchid growers of all levels to develop and hone their skills. Our educational objectives are achieved through monthly meetings, public seminars and displays, conservation efforts as well as other group activities devoted to the advancement of knowledge and appreciation of orchids. As of April 2011, the Orchid Society of the Ozarks is registered as an Arkansas not-for-profit corporation; 501(c)(3) non-profit status is pending.***



    The following Orchid Society of the Ozarks members have been elected to the 2015 Executive Board:

  • President:                Lois Geren                                   

  • Vice-President:        Shari Loftis                                   

  • Treasurer:               Steve Marak                                      

  • Secretary:               Suzanne Miller 

  • Membership:           Trudy Pickett 

  • Elected Exec.:                                          

  • Elected Exec.:                                                

  • Past President:        Cathy Marak