Monthly Meetings


Monthly meetings form the cornerstone of Orchid Society of the Ozarks membership. Members, friends and visitors gather to discuss the finer points of orchid culture and take part in hands-on demonstrations and workshops. Members who are also part of the Society's Committees plan future events.

Educational programs provide a source of added knowledge and even surprise--there is always something new to learn! It's no wonder, then, that Meetings are very well-attended, having developed a reputation for being a fun-filled, relaxing, and extremely enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


"Growing Forward," a round-table discussion of orchid culture issues and aptly named to theme the Society's basic function, kicks off the afternoon's activities: members can bring orchid plants in for inspection and advice, the more experienced growers providing feedback, encouragement, and support. The sales tables also open early, providing members and guests a readily available source for plants, information, and supplies.



Speakers, all professionals in their fields, are often invited from all parts of the country to educate members in their areas of expertise.






Refreshments are usually served following the program; since so many of our members are outstanding cooks, "breaktime" almost always involves a full lunch!




Of course, meetings wouldn't be meetings without a chance to win big, and raffle tickets for some terrific prizes are on sale right up to the drawing!






"Show and Tell" and "Judging" allow members to show off their best, and meetings close with members having "grown forward" just a little bit more once again.




We invite you to come and experience a monthly OSO meeting for yourself. We are confident that, once you do, you will almost certainly want to join us!

Regular monthly meetings are held at:

Northwest Technical Institute
709 S. Old Missouri Rd.
Springdale, AR

Meetings take place on the fourth Sunday of every month at 1:30 PM and continue until 4:30 PM. For directions to NTI, or for more information regarding the Orchid Society of the Ozarks and its functions, please contact Suzanne Hobbs, our Membership Committee Chair. You can reach her at: 479.236.0760 or email