OSO Library


Knowing the most you possibly can about the orchid plants you are trying to grow is the key to growing orchids successfully!

Orchid Society of the Ozarks members are fortunate to have access to a fine collection of orchid-related books, periodicals, audio-books, newsletters, and other media to checkout and peruse at their leisure. Yet another reason to join if you haven't done so already!

 Members have the option of placing Library materials on hold to be checked out at our next meeting; login to the Members Only area to submit the form.

The Orchid Society of the Ozarks is always looking for ways to expand the Library's holdings. If you or somebody you know has orchid related books or other media which are no longer being used, please contact Barbara Larkin and consider donating them to the Society. We cannot ever thank our donors enough, and it is through such generous contributions that we are able to offer members and the orchid community at large the kind of support we have become famous for providing!